Bitter Cold Temperatures And Your Car
Cold Car

Bitter Cold Car

While in some parts, people don’t have to worry about the cold weather while the rest of us do. Bitter cold temperatures seem to be causing havoc in parts of the world. However, the debate on whether to let your car warm up is the central focus.

There are several benefits to warming up your car before you head out on the road. Having a cold engine and going right away causes stress to your engine and your car as everything is cold. This can lead to things breaking as it can’t withstand the cold temperatures and the added stress. Give your car a few minutes to get the fluids moving and your car will be glad you did.

Another benefit is the comfort factor for the driver and passengers. Nobody likes being in a car that is frigid and not warmed up. It can be a rather unpleasant experience. Having a cold steering wheel, cold shifter, and cold seats, especially if you have leather seats, can make any driver or passenger uncomfortable for the first bit of their trip until the car warms up.

What is the simple solution for a warm car?

Don’t want to go outside to start your car? Install an automatic car starter. With a push of a button, you can start your automobile and it will be warm in minutes. These can be installed at some car dealerships and also at most car shops.

The Downside of Warming Up Your Car

Then there is the debate about wasting gas and also not being environmentally friendly. With the gas prices at the pump going up, people wonder if it is really worth it to let their car warm up. Some people would rather get in their car and go. Others would prefer to give their car a few minutes to warm up to be more comfortable driving.

The Choice Is Yours

Frigid Temperatures

Frigid Temperatures

Ultimately, the choice is yours if you choose to warm up your car or not. But remember, NEVER WARM UP YOUR CAR IN AN ENCLOSED AREA AS FUMES CAN LINGER AND CAUSE HARM. It is best to always best to let your car run outside an enclosed area.


Do you have a comment or suggestion on how to treat your car in bitter cold temperatures? Feel free to share it with us at Free Auto Network!

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New Search Feature For Users Seeking Car Dealerships

PRLog (Press Release) Dec 10, 2010 – The growing car website is proud to announce the new search feature that helps car seekers find the right automobile in their directory. Those car seekers looking for a dealership that carries a specific manufacturer can now use a new search feature on our site.

Rather than sifting through the results by city trying to find the dealership that carries a specific manufacturer such as Ford, Dodge, or Chevrolet, users can now select one of these to only display those dealerships available by state. Start your search today! is going to be a one stop destination for your automobile needs. As always, we are always looking for ways to improve our site and we have new features that we are in the process of building.

Looking for Car Affiliates

We are still seeking car dealerships, repair shops, collision shops, towing companies, and insurance companies to join our site! For a limited time only, join our site for FREE! If by chance our human crawler has already listed your site, please take the time to verify it. There are benefits of having a verified listing on our site. The most important benefit is by having accurate information.

# # #

We have created a website to help internet users by being able to go to one website for their car needs. Whether looking for a car dealership, repair shop, or a collision shop after an accident or simply just for paint touch up, we have a section for our visitors. Our blog also offers car information. ( offers FREE listings for car businesses to join our site and FREE classified ads for everyone to post new and used cars and parts and accessories. Please come visit us today!

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Best Time to Trade In Your Car

It is one of the most frequently asked questions in the car buying market. When exactly is the best time to buy or trade in your car? Knowing the right time to trade in your current car on a newer car can be hard to figure out. You would still like to trade in your current car while it still has value but not get ripped off at the same time. If you are afraid of getting a bad deal from a car dealership, you can try selling it yourself and handling the transaction from you to the new owner. There are some signs it may be time to get rid of your car and start looking for a newer car.

High Mileage Cars

High mileage may encourage you to get rid of your current car.

High mileage on a car can indicate how much wear and tear the car has gone through and perhaps the engine if it has the same engine. With high mileage vehicles, the body and the looks for the car can start to deteriorate and you run the risk of not passing your state inspection at your local car repair facility. With running the risk of failing your state inspection, it may cost you quite a bit of money to have your car up to par with state standards.

High Car Repair Bills

We all know having any kind of major work done on a car can be expensive. At times we wonder if we are really getting our money’s worth with the work being done. People sometimes think they are getting ripped off by repair facilities. The truth is labor costs are so high and at times, so are the prices for the parts. Depending on the situation, you may be paying more for car repair bills than what your car is actually worth.

It is nice not having a monthly car payment but is it really worth spending tons of money on a car that isn’t worth it? Does so much work need to be done on the vehicle that it is putting your safety along with everybody else on the road in jeopardy?

Financial Aspect

When buying a car, don't break the piggy bank!

This is the most important factor with any car transaction is determining how much you still owe on your current car and if you can afford a newer car. Being in debt for a car you can’t afford will not do you or your credit score any favors. Having an outstanding loan or driving a car that you can’t afford is not a smart idea. Be sure to consider all the variables when purchasing a new vehicle so you don’t break the piggy bank.

Time of the Year

The best time of year to trade in your vehicle for a new car is when the new models are just coming out and the auto dealers want to remove their old models from their inventory. This will allow you to have great bargaining power with the car dealer. Great deals can be had during this event.


Do you have a suggestion or tip that you feel is good when it comes to trading in your vehicle for a new car or a used car that is newer than the one you have? Feel free to share it with us!

For more information, please read our other article about car shopping tips and how to get a fair deal from a car dealership.

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Essential Items to Keep In Your Car During Winter Months

With the latest lake effect snow storm outside of Buffalo, New York, on December 1st and 2nd of 2010, we figured it would be a good idea to write a blog about what items are essential to keep in your car. This snow storm had closed several miles of Interstate 90 with people on the highway for over 24 hours going nowhere.  But what are people to do if they get stuck and what types of items are good to have?

Prepare Your Car for the Snow

You never know what you can expect with snow and how deep it can get. If you know you’ll be traveling in snow, it is very important to consider the following tips:

  • Have a full tank of gas in your car. This is your source for heat if you get stuck. Although it won’t last forever, it is best to keep your tanks full during the winter months.
  • Make sure the tread on your tires is good to handle the snow.
  • Be sure your car is in good working order. Check your wipers and be sure all the lights on your car are working. In near white out conditions, lights will be the first thing people see.

Items to Have In Your Car

Cleaning Snow Off Car

Cleaning Snow Off A Car

If by any chance you become stuck in traffic and in the snow like some of the people did in Buffalo, New York, have these following items in your car:

  • First Aid Kit. This should be in your car no matter what the situation.
  • Blankets. We know it is cold if it is snowing. Blankets will help keep you and your passengers warm if you by chance you run out of gas or are stuck for some time. It is also a good idea to keep extra warm clothes in your car including gloves, scarves, hats, and boots.
  • Food and water. We all need to eat and drink.
  • Snow and Ice Removal Tools. These will help you remove any snow or ice buildup off your windows.
  • Fully charged cell phone. Having your cell phone can keep you in contact with loved ones. If you have a cell phone charger for the car, make sure you have that too.
  • Tow rope. If the thruway is gridlocked, then this won’t help. Once traffic starts moving and you realize you can’t go anywhere, a tow rope may help you out of the snow. If not, contact a local towing company.

Optional Items If You Know You May Encounter Snow

If you are planning a road trip and know you may encounter some snow, these will help you and your passengers pass the time if the driving is slow or stopped. This may include portable DVD players, a deck of cards, travel size board games, among other things. You can read our other blog about tips to entertain kids in a car for a road trip.

Snowy Travel

Snowy Travel By Car

It is important to remember that if you have a portable GPS unit, be sure you have it in your car. Tune your radio to a local station and if they report heavy snow in an area where you know you will be traveling, this will allow you time to find an alternate route to avoid the snow.

And remember, follow all driving regulations and laws and avoid all distractions. For example, never try changing your route on your GPS while driving. Pull over and change it or have a passenger change it for you. Find more information about global positioning systems.

It is always better to be safe than sorry. Stay tuned to local weather forecasts and news. It might just be better to stay at home rather than going out in the snow.

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Automatic vs. Manual Transmission Comparison

It has always been a constant debate; what is better in a vehicle? Automatic or Manual Transmission? There are advantages and disadvantages and we will point some of these out.

What is The Difference Between The Two?

An automatic transmission is when the car shifts for you. Basically, you hit the accelerator or gas pedal and you go. A manual transmission, or sometimes called stick shift, is when you have a gear box usually in the center of the car with a third pedal. This third pedal is known as the clutch that the driver presses in order to change gears. It is usually a matter of preference for those that know how to drive both types while those that don’t know how to drive stick shift car will opt for the automatic automobile.

Advantages of An Automatic Transmission

Automatic Gear Shifter

Automatic Gear Shifter In A Vehicle

There are some distinct advantages of owning an automobile with an automatic transmission. This includes:

  • No third pedal known as the clutch.
  • Choose from park, reverse, neutral, or drive
  • Automatic transmissions are characterized by a high degree of comfort and speed level changes without interrupting power flow
  • Better for in city traveling and traffic congestion
  • Known to be a bit safer
  • Less attention needed to drive in order to control the car

Advantages of A Manual Transmission

Manual Gear Box

Manual Gear Box In A Vehicle

There are some advantages of owning a car with a manual transmission. This includes:

  • Usually a cheaper car
  • Slightly better gas mileage
  • More control of the vehicle
  • Handles better in wintry conditions as the driver has more control
  • More freedom when it comes to maneuvering on steep hills or curves
  • Lower auto repair bills

No matter what you decide, your decision shouldn’t be based only on the advantages and disadvantages. It should include what your needs are, what your preference may be, and who may be driving that vehicle. Consider your choices and take the appropriate action when purchasing a vehicle from a private owner or a professional auto dealership.

Do you have other advantages for one of these car transmissions? Feel free to leave us a comment and let us know what you think!

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