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Crusher industry has been noted that infrastructure projects is approved remains a relatively fast growth rate, as well as railway infrastructure investment accelerated sharply in recent years. These messages to the concrete and cement industry development means opportunities, but also enhance the confidence to mining enterprises.

Infrastructure is inseparable from the support of concrete, cement, sand and aggregate, these materials need more high-quality and efficient crusher and other ore milling equipment to provide technical support. Professional crusher manufacturer, our company has glimpse of the market opportunities and it will provide the comprehensive equipment technology to meet the challenge.

For this opportunities, Henan SBM Mining Machinery has its own unique advantages. In order to lead the development of mining industry, SBM insist to do research and development on the jaw crusher, stone crusher, cone crusher and mobile crusher and so on to achieve technological breakthroughs, and now has reached the level of world-class technology.

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The reason why energy-saving ultra-fine grinding by the majority of users recognized, on the one hand is ultra-fine grinding of energy-saving structure is simple, not prone to failure, on the other hand it is a significant advantage in energy conservation, and to meet the requirements of the user's powder Graffiti, this is a very important reason. There are many factors that determine the fineness of ultrafine mill , and there are different answers from different perspectives. We talk about the key factors in determining the fineness of ultra-fine grinding from the principle of ultrafine grinding.

Energy-saving ultra-fine grinding for the horizontal cylindrical rotating device, external gear drive, two positions, lattice-type ultra-fine grinding energy Material from the feeding device by the material hollow shaft screw evenly into the mill warehouse, the warehouse has a ladder liner or corrugated liner, built-in different specifications of the ball, the cylinder rotation to produce centrifugal force to the ball to a certain height after the fall , The material has a heavy blow and grinding effect. Material in the warehouse to reach the rough grinding, the single compartment through the plate into the second warehouse, the warehouse is set with a flat liner, there are steel balls, the material further grinding. The powder is discharged through the discharge grate to complete the grinding operation.

add to favorites Zhejiang users on the maintenance of ultrafine coal mill answer   No  
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The pulverizing process is a process in which coal is broken and its surface area is increasing. To add a new surface area, it is necessary to overcome the binding force between the solid molecules, and therefore need to consume energy. The coal is ground into pulverized coal in an ultrafine pulverizer, mainly through crushing, crushing and grinding. Where the crushing process consumes the most energy. The most cost of the grinding process. A variety of ultrafine mill in the process of milling are both the above two or three ways, but what kind of main depends on the type of ultra-fine coal mill. So how can we better maintain and maintain the ultra-fine coal mill? Here, our company to tell you about the maintenance and repair of ultra-fine coal mill problem:

Maintenance is the work must be done every day, so that it will not be a big problem in the future, maintenance work to adhere to the regular, after each stop, to check whether the mechanical parts of the bolt loose, loose to be strong, check the host before and after the bearing chamber lubrication The amount of oil, and fill on time, the bearing chamber to injection the shaft to the end of the oil nozzle into the lithium-based lubricants.

Ultra-fine coal mill equipment maintenance to do the following work: (1), check the super-fine grinding machine before and after the bearing bearing bearing lubrication, such as grease fouling, to clean, to update the grease to see the bearing wear and tear to see if it needs to be replaced. (2), check and its external bolts and sturdy (3), open the host, check the hammer wear conditions, if serious need to update the new pieces. (4), check the crushing parts of the liner and the body of the fixed bolts loose, loose to be strong, serious wear and tear to replace the new pieces. (5), check the fan blade connection bolts, with or without loose, the leaves are serious wear and tear, if loose or should be replaced. (6), check the inside of the burner to remove fouling and repair the lining.
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The increasing seriousness of urban environmental problems has created favorable conditions for the benign development of construction waste treatment equipment, and more and more people are investing in construction waste recycling projects, and construction waste disposal equipment is invested in construction waste crusher, which is a project that many people in our country want to try. As a necessary equipment to deal with construction rubbish, mobile crusher plays an important role in promoting the utilization of construction waste resources. Construction waste crusher price, structure, performance, characteristics, manufacturers, such as instantaneous has become a concern of people. How much money is required to invest in a construction waste disposal facility, where the best manufacturer of the construction waste disposal facility is, and how the benefits of investing in the project have become a hot spot of concern.

From the analysis of the phenomenon of the market trade of the construction waste crushing station, it is mainly caused by the environment change and economic restriction of the whole chain, and the price of the construction waste crusher will affect the price of the steel, the price of the ore, the price of the construction materials and even the price of the construction industry. From the various construction waste crusher manufacturers Price Analysis: These price fluctuations are small business small brand equipment in the floating, in some large brands of companies, construction waste crusher price floating smaller. This is determined by the company's decision-making.

construction Waste treatment equipment manufacturers, through their own practice to the community to prove that the equipment has enough capacity to waste the construction waste, fly ash, waste slag and other solid wastes to treasure, and the production of new lightweight wall materials, lightweight aggregate concrete hollow block and lightweight aggregate concrete brick, tile and other products. The environmental protection materials, which have been processed by construction waste treatment equipment, have been tested by practice, this kind of "treasure" formed wall material by virtue of light weight, high strength, earthquake resistance, thermal insulation performance, good processing performance, construction convenient, reduce the weight of constructions, green environmental protection, high quality and low price, and so on, and constantly win social trust, and become a popular demand in the construction market. With recent years of independent innovation and product optimization, hongxing Machinery has been able to produce the largest production capacity of 500 tons of construction waste production line, and the company's product quality and import equipment gap is gradually narrowing. In the product price and quality promotion at the same time, the construction of waste crushing equipment cost-effective for the company to win more and more attention and recognition.

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The use of construction waste crusher to deal with the construction of wastes can be based on the main components of construction waste selection of large jaw crusher may choose the new mobile crushing station, the newly launched shopping malls of the building waste mobile crushing station has a flexible character, can quickly and efficiently deal with the construction of waste. Ching a look, saw crusher in busy work, belt in transmission, demolition site brick, concrete, broken tiles, etc. through the belt drive, all feed into its "belly" (container). The container looks like it can hold one or two tons of bricks, in fact, it is a huge amount of machinery can not stop to eat brick number one waste, and the construction of waste, whether it is bricks, still concrete and so on.

The construction garbage crusher recovers the processing process which is the different crushing equipment, the sieving equipment, the transmission equipment reasonably assembles together. With this crusher, we can give full play to its "small integrated recovery system" of the use of concepts and skills advantages, screening, crushing, iron removal, dust, as a whole, for the city to build construction waste harmless, reduce and capitalization treatment laid a solid foundation. Building Waste Crusher

Many of the wastes in the construction of waste can be reused as recycled capital if they are screened, removed or destroyed. If the construction waste can be used comprehensively, then can save a lot of limestone, clay, gypsum, iron ore powder and other natural raw materials mining. It has realized the comprehensive utilization of waste, the construction of waste and the increase of waste.

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With the development of domestic real estate, and the real estate related upstream and downstream industries have been very rapid development, including cement production industry, ore processing machinery manufacturing industry has made considerable progress, and in the cement production industry development process, inseparable from the help of ultrafine mill.

Cement is a necessary product in building construction, it is mainly mixed with gravel, water and other mixing to make concrete, in the concrete production of cement to play the role of adhesive, and the production of concrete and rebar is the construction of the main material, from this point we can also see that cement in the construction of the important role. Cement is a widely used product, and in order to meet the demand for cement in the market, many customers engaged in the production of cement, then how the cement is produced? In general, the cement is the mineral powder through the firing process and so on, and the mineral powder is the cement production of important materials, so to produce cement, the first to produce mineral powder.

Ultrafine grinding is the most commonly used equipment in cement production, it can be used in addition to the grinding of raw materials such as limestone, can also be used as desulfurizer production, to help cement plant coal after the combustion of flue gas desulfurization, so as to achieve environmental production. Because the fineness requirement of limestone powder in cement production is not very high, so our grinding machine used to grind powder is different from other milling equipment, we usually use ultrafine grinding to grind limestone to produce cement.

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When ultrafine mill work, in order to better meet the needs of the production of finished products, the use of wind to grind after the separation of materials, as long as the production needs of the material, can be wind away and then collect into the finished product, not meet the requirements, the need to put into production again, in this process, the size of the wind Determines the particle size of the finished product, so when regulating the wind, must be very cautious.

Generally speaking, the adjustment of wind size is mainly determined by the speed of the fan of ultrafine grinding. Fan speed is fast, then the internal wind will be larger, otherwise it will be smaller, in fact, this factor not only affects the size of the finished product, but also affect the efficiency of production, is a very important factor, But what exactly does this factor adjust to?

Through the above introduction we know that the role of the wind turbine is to determine the size of the wind, then the separation of materials, but also affect the efficiency of production, and the quality of production and finished products for ultra-fine grinding of the benefits of the project has a great impact, if the two can be taken into account, then can achieve better production efficiency.

So when we adjust the speed of the fan, we need to take into account the particle size and efficiency of the finished product in two aspects, also said that in order to meet the requirements of the finished particle size, to meet the greater efficiency needs, this will be better to obtain benefits, in addition to the need to pay attention to the Ultra-fine Mill fan speed range, in the adjustment of the time, Can not exceed this range, otherwise, will make the component aging accelerated.

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Long-term work in noisy environment, not only will affect the mood of people's work will affect people's physical and mental health, so we should try to reduce noise pollution. For ultrafine mill, vibration is the main cause of the noise is too large, but also the major enterprises have been trying to solve the problem. Feeding uneven or too small, resulting in uneven thickness of the material layer, even grinding roller impact damper, resulting in grinding vibration. The solution is to adjust the feed speed or reduce the operating pressure properly, in the premise of guaranteeing the specific surface area of the material, reduce the speed of the separator. The moisture of the ore milling equipment material is too high, the material cake is formed between the grinding rollers and the thickness distribution of the material layer is uneven. The solution is to use hot stoves and other drying equipment. Grinding inside into difficult to grind foreign body, such as iron block. The solution is to check whether the metal detectors are normal, and increase the iron removal device.

The material entering the grinding mill can not disperse evenly to the periphery, resulting in the instantaneous thickness of the grinding material layer of a certain azimuth, the thickness of the material layer, and the pulsating inertia shock and vibration caused by the roller fluctuation. The solution is to strictly control the humidity and particle size of the human mill material and set up the material heap. Internal bearing damage caused by grinding rollers do not turn, a large number of spit slag, rotation direction of the grinding roller burst vibration. The bearings can be protected by improving the lubricating path and the shaft end gas seal structure.

The liner bolts are loose and the material is squeezed under the liner from the gap between the two liner plates. The lining plate of the disc is lifted, and the liner will be interrupted when the disc rotates and the material layer between the mill roller and the grinding disc is changed forcibly, and the vibration of the Superfine mill is formed, and the pressure of the oil cylinder of the mill roller is increased. The solution is to tighten and weld the linings between the lining plates and the steel plates when installing the liner.

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In the production process of the grinding station, the main factors influencing the labors safety and health are: transportation, dust generated in production, noise in the process of operation by vertical roller mill, air compressor and other equipment, hurt generated in the operation process of the production equipment.

In order to insure the normal operation of the electrical equipment and the operators safety, technical measures adopted in the design to prevent all kinds of electric injury. All the power transmission equipment controlled by the centralized control are set mandatory acousto-optic signal, only after the signal direction, the remote control of electrical equipment can start. All vertical roller mill with metal shell in the workshop must be ground connection, the exposed part of the high voltage electric must have safety barrier. When the grounding resistance can not meet the requirement of the specification, it must be set as voltage balancing net, in case of the hurt by step voltage when the high voltage switch on the ground.

Our company on the basis of Safety first, Precaution Crucial, producing high quality, high safety level and environmental protection grinding station equipment, which promoting the development of the cement production enterprise.

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In recent years, benefited from various construction projects, the development of sand making industry is increasingly rapid. Our company one of the famous sand making machine suppliers, constantly improves sand manufacturing technologies to increase level of sand manufacturing. And we have summarized the manufacturing technologies that fit for domestic sand making industry and launched new sand maker crusher with international advanced level. This new sand maker is injected with both domestic and foreign advanced technologies, which is a kind of new and highly efficient artificial sand making machine.

Along with the development of infrastructure projects in recent years, the demands for sand aggregate exceed supply. Production of sand aggregate cannot meet current demand of construction. With the increasing of sand demands, the functions of sand making equipment are constantly improved. The gold ore crusher with advanced technology and unique design grow stronger in fierce market competition, which greatly promotes technical development and progress of China's mining machinery industry by relying on first-class domestic and international technical level. This sand making equipment has such features as high automation, low operation cost, high crushing efficiency, energy conservation, large output value, low pollution and so on. The artificial sand produced by this machine has even product granularity, good grain shape and reasonable grading.

Zenith as professional sand maker manufacturer timely grasp development opportunities and provides highly efficient rock sand making machine, crushing equipment and other energy-saving equipment for infrastructure construction projects. The development and enhancement of people's environmental protection awareness make development prospects of artificial sand making equipment brilliant.

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According to current situations of mine crushing equipment, it is obvious to see that mining machinery in China has been gradually moving to the mobile screening technology field after blank development for a short time. In order to expand the market of crushing equipment and promote the construction waste disposal technology as soon as possible, our company has developed various kinds of mobile crushers such as construction waste crushing plant, which adopt the most advanced production technology in the world in order to meet the market demand.

Our mobile crushing station is often adapted to artificial aggregate processing system, which has strong mobility, low transportation cost, flexible combination and reasonable prices. It consists of fine crushing and screening systems, which also can be combined for coarse crushing, fine crushing, and screening systems. The appearance of efficient mobile crushing station will not only effectively promote the utilization rate of construction waste, but also improve social and economic benefits. As a machine with the most advanced technology and high integration, mobile crushing plant is the necessary equipment for crushing waste residue and stones.

At present, the construction waste disposal equipment developed by our company is a new kind of equipment which combines crushing and screening together to make feeding, transportation and crushing processes as a whole. It can process the construction waste into recycled concrete aggregates, new wall materials and filling materials of road base, which has up to 99% utilization rate of construction waste resources. The device can effectively process and classify different kinds of solid wastes, which is more convenient and cost saving.

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Mineral processing equipment breaking down in the production is the largest headaches for all users. our company has summarized two major points that can reduce the occurrence of failure. After detailed research, we find the first point is that the ore milling equipment manufacturers dont pay much attention to quality control, even cut corners and use inferior raw materials to reduce production costs, resulting in bad use of the equipment, usually plagued by constantly defects. So when purchasing equipment, it is crucial to choose a reliable manufacturers.

The other point is improper operation. Any kind of products if not used or maintained in accordance with correct operation, it will be liable to various faults. Especially the staff operating the machine, don't pay attention to studying knowledge of ore dressing equipment and blindly operate device even without referring to operation instructions. Therefore, our company reminds users again to strengthen staff training on equipment operation knowledge.

In addition, we can make the equipment exert its highest processing efficiency, keep best working condition, ensure productivity and economic benefits and reducing unnecessary failures by controlling proper workload of the ore dressing equipment, keeping appropriate maintenance and making reasonable arrangemen.

With constant development, the mineral processing equipment are carried forward in various industries , conductive to our economic development and at the same time also making itself become more perfect and wonderful.

add to favorites What kinds of equipment will be required in one stone factory?   No  
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Our experts point out that crushing equipment will not be required if one stone production line just is being used to produce the specification sizes, and the basic configuration of this line is including jaw crusher, impact crusher, feeder, conveyor, vibrating screen. The concrete specification of the ore milling equipment mentioned above on can be adjusted according to the practical output, so the difference can be a litter bigger in one common situation such as the output from 60-450t/h, the price from thousand to million.

The profit of opening one stone factory is very attractive according to the development tendency of the mining machinery because most of cities in our countries are in one development period while some projects are being established such as the chemical, transportation, living house, road paving and so on, and the fields mentioned above on can not get rid of the supplying of stone factories, so that is the reason why we say that the future of this field is very bright, but to opening one stone factory is not so easy just like what we are imagining right now, some questions about the investment cost, the place choosing and so on, so we need calm down to think about some concrete questions on the basis of some practical situations.

Our company has the professional technological team while owning the profound experience on the mineral exploration, aggregate production, industrial manufacturing craftsmanship and so on, and we can design and configure the reasonable equipment for our customers according to the practical situation, so just give you and me one chance to cooperate, and we can promise that we will not let you down. Leave us one message if there is something you want to know, and we will reply you as soon as possible.

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The mining machinery industry is one of the most important heavy industries in China. Some will call it the lifeblood of the whole nation. Since China is famous for its abundant natural resources, it will not be restricted by other nations in the aspect of supplying minerals. For example, Japan is a developed country with very prosperous economy, but it depends on the import of raw materials.

China has much influence on the global economy and how to make full use of minerals in the future will be the compelling obligation for the domestic mining enterprises. Our company works as the early involver and quality supplier of the stone crushers and ore beneficiation machines. Recently, Chinese mining machinery industry has developed very fast with large scale. The ore milling equipment made by Chinese manufacturers plays an important role in the domestic projects such as the infrastructure engineering construction and the mining construction. In addition, these machines are exported to the foreign countries with good reputation. Meanwhile, the manufacturing system of the heavy mining machinery industry has the advantages of large scale and excellent equipment.

Compared with the developed countries, Chinese mining machines win the market depending on the low price, but as more and more mining machinery giants transfer their markets to the Asian and Latin American areas, they weak the low price effect because they also benefit from the local advantages of abundant labor resources and low workers wages.To master the advanced technology is the foundation of increasing the core competitiveness of the mining machinery industry. Mining machines like crushers and ore beneficiation equipment should adopt the new technology and then transform and upgrade it to adapt to the changing market.

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Ever since the policy of reform and opening up, every aspect of China has gone through earthshaking changes. The government proposed the plans of promoting the development and exploitation of resources in Western China and accelerating highway construction, especially in the recollection and recycling of building wastes, which have made great contributions to social development. Faced with the reform and opening up tide, the mining equipment manufacturing industry has been developing quickly, and especially the crushing equipment has gone into a hot developing stage.

The development of the construction waste crushing plant manufacturing companies in China reaches a peak, and more and more manufacturing companies enter into the crusher manufacturing industry to share the economic interest brought by the peak era. In recent years, the transaction amount of large mining equipment export such as crushing equipment, powder grinding equipment and stone crushing machine gradually increases, which promotes the significant improvement of the production and manufacturing level of mining equipment of our company, and many of the China made mining equipment brands are well received in international market.

Influenced by the road of modernized industrial development, building a innovative and scientific and technological modern industrial system has become the key for the crushing equipment manufacturing industry of our company to reaching world level. Only by constantly improving the product quality and making innovation to the production technology can the industry stand high and still. At the same time, the foreign trade in recent years has been gradually expanding, and foreign crusher products begin to take up more and more domestic market. Penetrated by the world sustainable development and new type industrial road construction, the mining equipment industry in China must transform the traditional production pattern of relying on cost and cheap labor to the modern production pattern of relying on science and technology and innovation.

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The crusher for building waste, verticalimpact crusherandvibrating feederproduced by our company are not only very welcomed in China, but also still in a minor celebrity in the international community. Our quarry crusher has provided the best reasonable aggregate shaping equipment for the highway over the years, the Shenzhen-Dalian highway construction, pavement SMA technology are all supported by our crushers. As we all know, the highway industry involves wide field, and has more requirement on highway technology, therefore, crusher will play an important role in the large-scale construction of highway.

Technological innovation is an important way to enhance the corporate brand advantage, so our company has been treated technological innovation as a top priority. Mining equipment produced by our company is the most advanced machine in China, and our company is constantly upgrading and transformation from energy conservation and environmental protection, cost and other aspects. The block production line can ensure the recycling, which is the best usage international renewable waste treatment equipment, the first set of high-tech product integrated mobile together with screening material; the first domestic mobile product using hydraulic technology based on crusher station, comprehensively improved mobile screening efficiency; the first set of civil construction waste recycling system through independent development. Today, there are many sale centers in China for construction waste disposal equipment, the excellent product quality and good after-sales service obtained praise from customers. Therefore, our company is getting more and more famous, and I believe that our brand will be a famous international brand tomorrow.

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During the working process of the powder grinding equipment, the grinding media system refers to the selection process of the shape, size, materials, proportioning, filling rate and the reasonable remedy measures of the grinding media according to the materials feeding, property of the rocks and ores and the granularity features of the final products in the industrial production. The vertical roller mill is realized mainly through the direct grinding of the grinding media on the materials to decrease the granularity of the materials, and the proper selection of the grinding media system directly determines the ore grinding efficiency.

Because in the practical production, the property and composition of the ore pulp is complicated and diverse, the characteristics of the rocks and ores are changeable and the machines processing the media are various, the determination of the optimum grinding media system becomes difficult.Regarding the research of the shape of the grinding media, the experts of powder grinding equipment such as ultrafine mill conducted ore grinding experiments on three different grinding media, which are column, column ball and ball. The experiment showed that no matter it is fine or coarse grinding, the final grinding effect of the column ball is superior to that of the ball, and the grinding effect of the column is even better than that of the ball medium in the coarse grinding.

On the other hand, the experts of our company make the principle and requirement of the fine grinding process as the starting point, adopt short-headed cone and cylinder cast forge to replace traditional ball-shaped media and apply it in a dozen of ore beneficiation plants in Yunnan and Guangxi Province, and their economic profits are clearly improved. In addition, the experts of other powder grinding equipment research institutions compared the ore grinding effects of rod-shaped ball, spheroid and ball, and the experiment examination and the production data demonstrated that the grinding effect of all the selected media is superior to that of the ball media.

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Among so many mechanical machines popular in the market, crushers are the most common series including jaw crushers, impact crushers, cone crushers and many other types which all have very wide range of applications in daily industrial life. Just as its name implies, the portable crusher plant works by crushing stone materials with stressing and beating forces. Therefore, during the whole process, plenty of dust will inevitably be produced. But how can the crushers be designed reasonably to effectively avoid dust producing? This has been an urgent issue for most machinery manufactures to handle with.

Under the circumstances, our company sends experts to take field trip to the crusher production line. They study very carefully about the structure and working principle of the crusher and the features of dust producing process in the crushing machine room. First, they try sealing the loading and unloading material system which are the two sources causing dust; then draught fans are used to blow the dust and the wet filter-type dust-collecting fan is applied to do purification treatment to the dusty air. This entire process is the famous wet crushing and screening technology which can obviously reduce the dust pollution. If possible, Hongxing recommends customers and other peer enterprises to adopt the wet crushing and screening technology as soon as possible during the crushing operation so that the dust issue will prevented in advance.

Apart from introducing the effective dust extraction method, other measures can also be taken to improve the current dust environment. First, we can adjust the unreasonable gold ore crusher manufacturing technique which causes many times of raising dust, abandon those seriously polluted production machines, and start to apply new technology and new equipment, and simplify the crushing and screening operations, thus removing the dust pollution source. Second, new crushing machines are put to use during the crushing process in order to realize one-stage crushing process instead of the traditional multiple-stage one. When doing well in all these measures, users can really not only reduce the dust raising but also guarantee the health of all staff.

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In the process of cement vertical grinding, there is a certain noise is a very normal phenomenon. However, once the noise is beyond the specified decibel range or with unusual performance, the user's attention needs to be aroused. So, what causes the noise during the vertical mill grinding process, and what should we do if there is too much noise?

First of all, when the vertical roller mill installation is not smooth, with the milling operation, the equipment in a strong capacity to withstand the scope of the vibration will inevitably occur, which is very easy to cause the vertical milling process noise too large. Therefore, in our vertical mill installation, we must pay attention to the balance of equipment placement, the fastening of the joints, to avoid excessive error.

Second, there is a situation in the vertical mill itself material, equipment or design problems, resulting in the milling process noise is too large. This kind of situation reminds the factory in the cement vertical mill production development process, must according to the standard specification carries on the design production, reduces the production error to bring the noise too big question.

Third, in addition to the above two points, the quality of the lubrication system is also the cause of the vertical mill in the process of noise too large. Because the vertical roller mill for the materials are high hardness, large particles of the ore products, in the long period of high-intensity continuous operation, it is bound to make the various parts of the wear to varying degrees. And good lubrication system is an important part of the wear of cushioning parts, if the lubrication system is missing, it is easy to cause the equipment in serious wear and tear, the situation of greater noise.

Therefore, to ensure the efficient and safe operation of the mill, in addition to the accurate design of equipment, the correct installation, but also to the various parts of the lubrication work to do fine, accurate, so as to prevent the overall vertical mill milling operation in the noise problem, so as to improve equipment milling efficiency and service life.

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With the development of domestic real estate, and the real estate related upstream and downstream industries have been very rapid development, including cement production industry, ore processing machinery manufacturing industry has made considerable progress, and in the cement production industry development process, inseparable from the help of ultra-fine grinding. Because the fineness of the limestone powder in cement production is not very high, so we used to grind the powder grinder is different from other milling equipment, we will usually choose ultrafine mill limestone to produce cement, is because the company developed and produced vertical grinder can grind limestone, and can be grinding limestone to get 650 of the following fineness, and the customer through the finished material fineness adjustment can accurately adjust the fineness of the mineral powder, in order to be used for specific limestone processing production, so as to meet the requirements of cement production, To serve the construction industry, so as to bring economic benefits to customers. Superfine grinding is commonly used in cement production of a equipment, it can be used in addition to the grinding of raw materials such as limestone, but also can be used as desulfurizer production, to help cement plant coal combustion after flue gas desulfurization, so as to achieve environmental production.